Cake Pops

At Goodiebites, we are committed to making cake pops that are always pleasing to the palate and inviting to the eyes. Our cake pops start with fresh baked, moist cake which is blended with rich creamy frosting. Then each pop is submerged in a smooth velvety chocolate coating which hardens slightly to keep the cake inside moist and delicious.

Though these special treats seem small, each morsel is bursting with delicious flavor. Perfect for any size gathering, our bites are available in a variety of tastes and colors that can be customized to suit your specific desires.

If you don't see what you're looking for, just ask us. We love coming up with new designs and look forward to creating yours.

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Cake Pops

Though we refer to them as 'standard', there's nothing typical or regular about these cake pops. Choose your flavor and color and leave the rest to us. Each cake pop is individually wrapped and tied with a coordinating colorful ribbon, delivered ready for sharing and savoring.

Available Cake Flavors
French Vanilla
Red Velvet

Coating Color Choices
Dark Blue
Light Blue
Dark Green
Light Green
Milk Chocolate

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Siwrly Cake Pops

Cake Pop Dips

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We call them Dips, you'll call them Delicious! We begin with our standard cake pops and then dip them in your choice of special toppings for an added touch of tasty delightfulness.

Deep, Dark & Delicious - DD&D

Deep, Dark & Delicious – aka DD&D
Dark chocolate cake blended with chocolate frosting, covered in dark chocolate candy coating and then dipped in chocolate cookie crumbs. A chocolate-lovers dream.

Yellow cake with vanilla frosting, covered in purple candy coating, then dipped in crushed pretzel pieces. A perfect blend of sweet and salty.


French Vanilla cake combined with chocolate frosting & bits of Oreo cookies blended in, coated in white candy and dipped in crushed Oreo cookie crumbs. Black + White = Yum!

Lemon Cuckoonut

Lemon Cuckoonut
Lemon cake blended with lemon frosting, coated in yellow candy and dipped in sweet shredded coconut. You'll go cuckoo for these cake pops.

Chocolate cake mixed with peanut butter frosting, coated in milk chocolate and dipped in crushed Butterfinger candy crumbs. 2 favorite flavors for 1 divine treat.

Nutty Buddy
Yellow cake blended with peanut butter frosting, coated in a peanut butter candy shell and dipped in crushed peanut butter cookie crumbs. Peanut Butter love on a stick.